Who We Are

Western is a Houston-based company engaged in the development of North American liquefied natural gas export facilities. Managed by a seasoned team of executives experienced in the LNG and related energy infrastructure industries, Western is developing an integrated solution for delivering abundant, low-cost North America natural gas to markets that need it most.

Compelling Economics

Western has been evaluating mid-scale LNG solutions and identifying sites for development of next-generation liquefaction plants since 2015. By deploying innovative floating liquefaction technology at inland locations, particularly those that have existing pipeline access to natural gas basins, Western is opening up markets for these resources, which are stranded behind burgeoning shale production.

Environmentally Thoughtful

The very nature of Western's floating liquefaction facility results in virtually no long-term impact to its surroundings. At the end of the project’s life, the floating facilities can be removed and the berths and other land-side facilities restored to their original states. What’s more, LNG delivered to Asia results in lower power generation from coal. For every tonne of LNG exported from Western Canada, over 4 tonnes of CO2 that would have otherwise been emitted from a coal fired power plant can be avoided.


Board of Directors